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Cities Built to Thrive [infographic]

As city budgets tighten across America, it is critical for us to adopt greener, more cost-efficient ways to operate where we live. With a view to that, this infographic presents 10 green ways we can improve our cities. Continue Reading →

Which US States are Greenest? [infographic]

Want to know which US states are the greenest? We found this cool infographic that will give you the top ten, as well as info on how some of our cities are going green. Continue Reading →

Recycling - What To Recycle And What To Do With It

If you’re new to the world of recycling, you may feel overwhelmed and unable to tell where to start. Guest author Caroline Jones takes a look at the major categories of waste that can be recycled and what to do with them. Continue Reading →

4 Reasons To Switch From Standard Bulbs To LEDs

The right lighting can make a big difference, both to how your home or office looks and also in terms of your wallet and the environment. LED bulbs last longer, use less energy, are better for the environment and in the long-run, cost less than standard bulbs. Continue Reading →

Wood Flooring: The Natural Choice

Nothing could be more beautiful and natural than a floor covering of real wood. Assuming the wood itself is from a sustainable source and the treatments are non-toxic wood can be a beautiful and eco-friendly option for your floors. Continue Reading →

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