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a Bamboo Project Seeks Crowdfunding

Bamboo is highly sustainable and can be harvested 4 times a year.  It is used in clothes, furniture, flooring and many other products.  In fact, over 1.5 billion people use bamboo worldwide and the market for bamboo is worth $5 billion a year.  ”a Bamboo Project” is looking for funding.  According to them, the US is the largest importer of bamboo, we pay 7 times what the product sold for in China and shipping bamboo products to our stores ads as much CO2 as 50 million cars.  Bamboo already grows here in the US and the project’s proposed solution is to grow more, supporting the environment and US jobs.

Over at indiegogo, a Bamboo Project is looking for help to fund a laboratory and processing center for research and development of cleaner processing methods, and potential uses for bamboo!  They are looking to prove the concept and become a local supplier to US companies already manufacturing bamboo products from flooring, to clothing, to skateboards.  With locally grown bamboo, less shipping and clean processing this product should get to our stores both cheaper and more eco-friendly than imported bamboo, so it’s a win win.

If you want to find out more about “a Bamboo Project”, you can find more details and donate at this link: a Bamboo Project on indiegogo.


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