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Alternative Charity Donations – Recyclables

We’ve all got used to recycling our plastic bottles, waste paper and glass but how often do we think of other ways of recycling.  Things we no longer need or want present an opportunity to help others by donating them to a charity.  There is good money to be made from the recycling business and although charities don’t have the capacity to deal with large scale recycling of glass bottles or old newspapers, other items can be used to raise considerable sums.

Mobile Phones

Recycle-Donate-Old-Cell-PhonesCannedTuna / CC BY 2.0

Technology is constantly developing and a growing number of people change their handsets every time a new model is released.  Lots of us will therefore have a number of old mobile phones kicking around inside desk drawers or forgotten at the back of the wardrobe.  These handsets are very valuable to mobile phone companies operating in the developing world, and they can be sold to be refurbished and shipped overseas.  Of course there is the option that you can sell the handset yourself, but many of the older handsets are only worth a few pence and it just doesn’t seem worth the bother.  Why not donate them to a charity who can then sell them on in bulk and make a good sum for their worthy causes.

Toner Cartridges

Not many of us have large printers or photocopiers at home which use toner cartridges, but nearly every office will have at least one and when the toner needs replacing, the cartridge is more often than not thrown away.  These can also be donated to charity and reprocessed to be used again.  Many offices organize a central collection point and then allow their employees to choose which charity they wish to support with the money raised from selling on their used cartridges.

Ink Cartridges

Computer printer cartridges are very similar to toner cartridges in that they can also be recycled and filled again to be reused.  In the UK we throw away as many as 30 million inkjet cartridges every year, and these could be a valuable resource for charities.  Charities will take all sorts of cartridges and sort them for reprocessing.  Many will also provide you with postage paid envelopes so it won’t cost you a penny to send off used cartridges for a worthy cause.  Lots of schools and other voluntary groups will take ink cartridges for reprocessing too.

Other Goods

There is a second hand market for nearly everything, so before throwing things away check online first.  Old clothes, even ones which are ripped or torn, can be sold to be shredded and used as stuffing.  Spectacles can be reconditioned and sent over to areas of the developing world where access to opticians is not as good as it is here.  Even old bikes can be donated to be reconditioned and sent to countries in Africa where people have no access to other forms of transport.

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