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Cities Built to Thrive [infographic]

As city budgets tighten across America, it is critical for us to adopt greener, more cost-efficient ways to operate where we live. With a view to that, this infographic presents 10 green ways we can improve our cities. Continue reading

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Which US States are Greenest? [infographic]

Want to know which US states are the greenest? We found this cool infographic that will give you the top ten, as well as info on how some of our cities are going green. Continue reading

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4 Reasons To Switch From Standard Bulbs To LEDs

The right lighting can make a big difference, both to how your home or office looks and also in terms of your wallet and the environment. LED bulbs last longer, use less energy, are better for the environment and in the long-run, cost less than standard bulbs. Continue reading

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Wood Flooring: The Natural Choice

Nothing could be more beautiful and natural than a floor covering of real wood. Assuming the wood itself is from a sustainable source and the treatments are non-toxic wood can be a beautiful and eco-friendly option for your floors. Continue reading

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Amazing Green Roof Images

This gallery contains 20 photos.

Green roofs can insulate our buildings, provide wildlife habitats and reduce storm water run-off. In some cases they contribute to food production. On top of all the environmental stuff though, green roofs can be beautiful and contribute greatly to the living environment of our buildings. Here are some great photos to inspire. Continue reading

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President Obama Throws Down The Gauntlet on Climate Change

“We can choose to believe that Superstorm Sandy, and the most severe drought in decades, and the worst wildfires some states have ever seen were all just a freak coincidence. Or we can choose to believe in the overwhelming judgment of science……if Congress won’t act soon to protect future generations, I will.” Continue reading

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What Will the President Say on Climate Change? State of the Union Today

“I’m going to be talking about making sure that we’re focused on job creation here in the United States of America,” – President Obama told House Democrats last week. Where will clean energy and climate change figure in today’s State of the Union? Continue reading

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EPA Struggles to Enforce Environmental Standards and Control Pollution

National Public Radio (NPR) and The Center for Public Integrity (CPI), have revealed the EPA to move at a worryingly slow pace when it comes to enforcement. Continue reading

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Plastic Bags – How Convenience is Killing Our Planet [infographic]

We pay a high price for convenience. In the case of plastic bags the cost to the planet is much too high as this infographic makes clear. The solutions are pretty clear too and a tax like the one which works so well in Ireland is one of them. Continue reading

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Climate Change – Erring on the Side of Least Drama

A study published by Global Environmental Change points out that the tendency of climate scientists to ‘err on the side of least drama’ has led to underestimations of the damage caused by global warming. Continue reading

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US Military Can Drive Growth in Renewable Energy

The US DOD is the largest single consumer of energy in the world. If they continue to move towards renewable energy, there will be a significant effect on the clean energy economy along with a confidence boost for others to follow. Continue reading

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Green Business Challenge for Montgomery County, Ohio

Montgomery County is launching its Green500 Challenge, a plan to engage 500 local businesses and organizations in the DRG3 Green Business Certification Program and help them to reduce their ecological footprint, reduce their energy and resource use, and save money. Continue reading

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2012 Top Ten States for LEED Certified Green Building

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has announced its top ten LEED states for 2012 – highlighting states that are transforming buildings and communities across the country. Continue reading

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Climate Change and Obama’s 2nd Inaugural Address

Many have been surprised by the prominence given to climate change in President Obama’s 2nd Inaugural Address. We look at what he said and ask if the words will be followed by meaningful action? Continue reading

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skinnyskinny – A Natural Approach to Eco-friendly Personal Care

In this interview with Clara Williams, founder and owner of skinnyskinny in New York, we hear how a search for her mother’s favorite soap has led to a successful, eco-friendly skin-care business. Continue reading

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Top 10 Green Business Watch Posts in 2012

Out of the hundreds of posts published on Green Business Watch during 2012 we have chosen 10. From tax incentives to movies about fracking, from rivers catching fire to recycling plastics, our top 10 covers our most popular green business topics. Continue reading

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5 Individuals Inspiring Change in Green Business 2012:

As part of our roundup of 2012 we have chosen 5 posts promoting green businesses which are run by inspiring individuals with a vision for change. Continue reading

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Algae Biofuel Becomes Available to San Franciscans

Biodiesel B20, an algae based biofuel, has been available in the San Francisco area on a trial basis since last November. This represented the world’s first opportunity for private consumers to use this biodiesel in their vehicles. B20 contains 20% algae and manufacturers say that this can be increased successfully. Continue reading

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Why is Green Investment Critical to the Future of the Earth?

Green construction company, Vector Foiltec, argues that investment in green technologies, products and solutions is an urgent issue for commercial investors. We cannot wait for governments. Even when the will is there, the process is too slow. Continue reading

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US Home Energy Use [infographic]

Our home energy use presents a cost in both cash and environmental terms and accounts for a massive 22% of total energy used in the United States. Want to know where we use most of the energy in our homes? How much it costs? Have a look at this great infographic. Continue reading

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