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Can a Used Gasoline Car Be As Green As a New EV?

In the search for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, cars are a really big deal. With the green option of all-electric cars on the market, how do they compare to the option of a used gasoline car? Continue reading

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5 Green Family Habits

Green habits don’t need to be difficult and may have many unexpected benefits. Jenny Jones, thinking a little differently, comes up with 5 suggestions including a few which might be unexpected and can involve the whole family. Continue reading

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Green and Profitable – An Interview With Shel Horowitz

Author, speaker and marketing consultant Shel Horowitz is the man behind GreenAndProfitable, which aims to show businesses how they can use Green to real advantage. We asked him about his belief in ethical, Green and environmentally conscious marketing and business practices. Continue reading

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The Benefits of Reclaimed Timber

Today, many varieties of wood which were once abundant and freely available are in very short supply. However, reclaimed timber provides an alternative source. Continue reading

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Relan – Recycling and Repurposing Billboard Vinyl

Relan provides organizations with the opportunity to turn their discarded billboard vinyl into unique, branded products which can be used for promotion. We spoke to owner and CEO, Della Simpson, to find out more about the company’s aims and ambitions. Continue reading

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How Safe Is The Air You Breathe? [infographic]

Nearly 4 in 10 people in the United States live in counties rated F for air quality and live with unhealthy levels of ozone air pollution. So how safe is the air you breathe? Continue reading

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Mexicans Using Solar Power to Cook Tortillas

In a small area of Mexico local people are getting used to the idea of their tortillas being cooked by solar power. Bakeries and tortillerias are discovering that there are big savings to be made by replacing fuel costs with the ever-present power of the sun. Continue reading

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The Impact Of EV Solar Charging Stations [infographic]

Solar charging stations will be central to the success or failure of electric vehicles. This infographic does a great job of laying out the benefits of solar charging stations and their impact on EVs, emissions and our health. Continue reading

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Herbs Can Be Excellent Mosquito Repellents

One way of repelling mosquitoes is by planting herbs that can keep them at bay. This method is affordable and accessible. Of course, these herbs can often be used for other purposes such as cooking. Maybe it is worth a try? Continue reading

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Benefits of Solar Energy for Your Business

Many business owners are looking for ways to save money without impacting quality. A popular ‘green’ way to cut costs is to have a solar system provide their energy needs. Solar energy can lower your energy costs and also appeal to environmentally-conscious customers. Continue reading

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CNN Thinks Climate Denial Deserves Equal Time With Science

Tuesday night saw a “debate” on CNN between Bill Nye and Marc Morano. Are media outlets like CNN wrong to continue to give equal weight to scientists and the deniers of science? Continue reading

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Choosing Green Furniture

Every choice we make can have a positive or a negative effect on the environment. For items that have several components such as furniture, choosing a green option requires a little bit of investigation and effort. However, there are plenty of green options available if you know what to look for. Continue reading

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Biopesticides Improve Performance and Safety

Innovative growers are adopting biopesticides, seeing a return on investment and achieving improved performance and safety. Performance which can match chemical pesticides and low environmental impact are among the many reasons demand for biopesticides is growing worldwide. Continue reading

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We Can Reduce CO2 Emissions IF We Want To

Global warming and CO2 emissions may be worse than we thought. But there are things we can do if we really want to. The Boston Consulting Group has revealed at Doha that Information Technology could cut world emissions by 16.5% by 2020. Continue reading

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Cell Phone Recycling – You Should Do It!

Cell phone recycling is predicted to grow 19.1% by 2015 driven by high replacement rates. There is a lack of awareness of the dangers of accumulated e-waste and the industry needs us to know that it’s worthwhile recycling. Continue reading

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Solar Panel Costs Dropping in US

The cost of solar panels and installation is dropping and will continue to do so. This is the finding of this year’s report, Tracking the Sun, from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The price of panels has been falling for some time, now the industry is succeeding in lowering overall system costs. Continue reading

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Midwest Clean Energy Challenge – Act Now!

American Midwest clean energy startups have until Monday to apply for the Clean Energy Challenge. So get thinking. There is more than $300,000 to be won. 200 high-tech jobs have already been created with $23 million in follow-up funding. Continue reading

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Solar Cooking Offers New Ways To Eat

Solar cooking allows you to cook using the power of the sun. No electricity use. No gas. Just solar energy converted directly to heat and used to bake, boil, stew or slow-cook. Solar cookers can be used in cities, suburbs, on camping trips or in developing nations. Continue reading

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Green Building Basics [VIDEO]

What constitutes a Green building anyway? What makes it different from conventional construction? These are basic questions but they are issues you’ll want to address if you are thinking about building and you’d like to do it more sustainably. Continue reading

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Eco-Friendly Gifts for Black Friday

One way to lessen the environmental impact of your shopping on Black Friday is to look for more eco-friendly gifts. Here are some ideas and some pretty cool pictures of very attractive and eco-friendly gift ideas. Continue reading

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