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Philips LED Lighting Sales up 51%

Philips 3rd Quarter financials show fantastic growth in their LED lighting sales. Sales of energy efficient LED lighting grew by 51% over Q3 2011. LED lighting now accounts for 24% of lighting sales and CEO Frans van Houten states Philips now need to ” … accelerate the rationalization of our conventional lighting industrial footprint”. Continue reading

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Growth Opportunities in Green Roofs and Walls

Air pollution and the so-called heat-island effect has been an increasing problem for big cities over the past fifty years. One cause has been significant loss of vegetation in parks and other green spaces. Many cities are now offering incentives for the creation of building-integrated vegetation, mainly green roofs. Continue reading

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Be an Eco Early Adopter

We were inspired to tweet a CleanTechnia post this week reporting research telling us that if our neighbors are using solar then we are more likely to. It is so much easier for me to understand that solar is a real option if I can talk to my neighbor who has it installed. Perhaps there are other areas we can be eco early adopters. Continue reading

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The World’s First Green Investment Bank

The UK is to set up the world’s first Green Investment Bank. The plan is the responsibility of the Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable MP, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and has been in development since 2010. Continue reading

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2nd Presidential Debate and Still No Mention of Climate Change

Climate change remained unmentioned by either candidate in last night’s 2nd presidential debate. In a debate which was contentious in atmosphere there were some timely reminders of the complex relationships between US energy policy, US foreign policy and global economics. Continue reading

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The Latest on Eco Cars – Hybrids and Electric

In the past month, there has been positive news and some more negative in the eco car market. Sales and manufacturer confidence seem to remain strong for hybrids while some are declaring the death of the electric car. Reports of the demise of electric cars may be exaggerated however. Continue reading

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US Army Net Zero Energy in Action

The US Army Net Zero policy on energy consumption builds on previous efforts to reduce oil dependency. The ultimate goal is to match consumption of energy with energy produced on site or which can be sourced locally. The program also aims to use only water which is collected on site and to send no waste to landfill. Continue reading

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UK Parliament Consults on Sustainable Building

The UK Parliament is looking to industry for submissions about the state of sustainable building in the country and feedback on the Green Deal. The initiative comes from the All Party Parliamentary Group for Excellence in the Built Environment. Continue reading

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Perdue University Helps Recycle Flat Screen TVs

“Over the next few years, it is expected that hundreds of millions of CCFL-backlighted LCDs will retire each year. Without proper treatment, these used LCDs could lead to serious damage to the environment.” Researchers at Perdue University are on the case. Continue reading

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Gas Prices and Incentives Boost EV Sales in California

The NY Times reports from California where gasoline prices have been hitting the $5 per gallon mark. This has been affecting sales and interest in hybrids and electric vehicles. Dealers agree that gas prices are an important part of the story but also point to manufacturer incentives. Continue reading

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Unilever’s Plans to Cut Emmissions

Unilever is joining many big international businesses in looking to cut down on their fuel use. Truck journeys are expensive and increasingly so. Companies are also under pressure to cut their carbon emissions. With business and environmental reasons coinciding the time is ripe for such actions. Unilever thinks it can cut 200 million kilometers, annually by 2014. Continue reading

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A Huge, Cheap, Battery to Store Renewable Energy

Grid level energy storage solves the problem of intermittent supply and is the missing link for renewable energy. MIT Professor Donald Sadoway, wants to us to invent our way out of the current energy crisis. His liquid metal battery might help us do just that. Continue reading

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Local Renewable Energy Provides Local Sustainable Food

Congratulations to Barry Adler and RainFresh Harvests who supply local restaurants and shops in Plain City, Ohio with a range of vegetables herbs and berries throughout the year, powered, off-grid, by their own wind and solar generated electricity. Continue reading

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Building Material Recycle and Reuse Company Wins SXSW Eco Startup Showcase

Congratulations to PLANETREUSE, a building materials reuse company, who last week won the first SXSW Eco Startup Showcase. If you are looking for reclaimed building materials or have materials to offer, Planetreuse can help you make a match. Continue reading

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Natural Gas Prices See US Coal Power Dying Out

Coal power in the US is dying out twice as fast as previously predicted. The main cause doesn’t seem to be the EPA regulation the industry feared. Instead, market conditions are driving utility companies away from building new coal plants, towards cheaper natural gas. Continue reading

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Senator Byron Dorgan at SXSW: Is the US Missing Out on Economic Opportunities in Clean Energy?

Senator Byron Dorgan, senior policy advisor at Arent Fox LLP, gave a keynote address at the South by Southwest ECO conference in Austin Texas last week. In it he suggests that the US has been missing out on many of the economic opportunities offered by clean energy technologies. Continue reading

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UK Government Clash with Europe on Green Regulation

The EU and the UK Government seem likely to cross swords on green issues. The UK Prime Minister is under pressure from his party to be tougher over Europe and European regulations. This has lead to accusations of “untrue” claims from Europe’s environment commissioner, Janez Potocnik. Continue reading

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New Report Questions Green Credentials of EVs

A new report on the green credentials of electric vehicles finds EVs to have significantly heavier environmental impact in production in both global warming potential (GWP) and toxicity than conventional vehicles while having a major GWP advantage over the working life of the vehicle. Continue reading

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Performance Reviews for Walmart Buyers Will Now Include Sustainability

Walmart is about to include sustainability in its merchant performance reviews. These reviews affect the pay and promotion of Walmart buyers who decide what Walmart stocks on its shelves. It is a change which puts billions of dollars into play and could have a profound affect on retail around the world. Continue reading

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EV and Hybrid Combined, Meet the hyMod

Romanian team, Dan Scarlat, Marian Cilibeanu and Cristian Ionescu has designed a new concept in electric and hybrid vehicles. The SCIhyMod proposes a modular solution allowing the car to be a pure EV for shorter urban travel and to convert to a hybrid using an internal combustion module. Continue reading

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