Biopesticides Improve Performance and Safety

Innovative growers are adopting biopesticides, seeing a return on investment and achieving improved performance and safety. Performance which can match chemical pesticides and low environmental impact are among the many reasons demand for biopesticides is growing worldwide. Continue reading

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We Can Reduce CO2 Emissions IF We Want To

Global warming and CO2 emissions may be worse than we thought. But there are things we can do if we really want to. The Boston Consulting Group has revealed at Doha that Information Technology could cut world emissions by 16.5% by 2020. Continue reading

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Cell Phone Recycling – You Should Do It!

Cell phone recycling is predicted to grow 19.1% by 2015 driven by high replacement rates. There is a lack of awareness of the dangers of accumulated e-waste and the industry needs us to know that it’s worthwhile recycling. Continue reading

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Solar Panel Costs Dropping in US

The cost of solar panels and installation is dropping and will continue to do so. This is the finding of this year’s report, Tracking the Sun, from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The price of panels has been falling for some time, now the industry is succeeding in lowering overall system costs. Continue reading

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Midwest Clean Energy Challenge – Act Now!

American Midwest clean energy startups have until Monday to apply for the Clean Energy Challenge. So get thinking. There is more than $300,000 to be won. 200 high-tech jobs have already been created with $23 million in follow-up funding. Continue reading

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Solar Cooking Offers New Ways To Eat

Solar cooking allows you to cook using the power of the sun. No electricity use. No gas. Just solar energy converted directly to heat and used to bake, boil, stew or slow-cook. Solar cookers can be used in cities, suburbs, on camping trips or in developing nations. Continue reading

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Green Building Basics [VIDEO]

What constitutes a Green building anyway? What makes it different from conventional construction? These are basic questions but they are issues you’ll want to address if you are thinking about building and you’d like to do it more sustainably. Continue reading

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Eco-Friendly Gifts for Black Friday

One way to lessen the environmental impact of your shopping on Black Friday is to look for more eco-friendly gifts. Here are some ideas and some pretty cool pictures of very attractive and eco-friendly gift ideas. Continue reading

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The Environmental Impact of Black Friday

Black Friday has come around again and the holiday shopping season is kicking off. We all know that the holidays are a time of excess but what is the environmental impact of Black Friday? Continue reading

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The Best Green Posts This Thanksgiving

As the holiday approached, the web has been predictably awash with Thanksgiving articles from every possible angle. Here are a few of the posts that stood out among the endless lists of tips on how to have a greener Thanksgiving. Continue reading

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How Eco-Friendly Was Your Thanksgiving?

By way of wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving we thought we’d look around the web for the best suggestions on making your Thanksgiving more eco-friendly. Continue reading

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Health and Vitality from Brazilian Superfruits

Amafruits brings the exotic flavors and health giving properties of Amazonian superfruits to your kitchen and helps protect the rainforest at the same time. Here is their story… Continue reading

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Urban Mining – a 21st Century Gold Rush!

Whether it is reclaimed building materials, plastics, upcycled furniture or e-waste, the modern world is finding value in the stuff we throw away. Waste is being turned into a resource to be managed and exploited rather than disposed of. A 21st century gold rush has begun. Continue reading

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‘Nike’ Moment for IT Sustainable Supply Chain Managers

The IT world is now looking closely at sustainable supply chain management. 70% see business value in improving the quality of their supply chain, positively effecting the triple bottom line; people, planet and profit. Continue reading

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Green Building Gearing Up For Global Growth

Growth in green building is being driven by tangible economic benefit for developers and building owners. It is decreasing operating costs and increasing building values as well as satisfying client demand for healthier living and protection of the environment. Continue reading

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200 MW Geothermal Project in Nicaragua

Successful development of a major geothermal project in Nicaragua helps US company, Ram Power, to post strong operating results. The project is one of the biggest of its kind and has the potential to produce over 200 MW of clean, geothermal renewable power. Continue reading

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Interest in Electric Vehicles Down Since 2010

Pike Research has published a report on information gathered during Fall, 2012. They tell us that fundamental interest in PEVs declined among survey participants between 2010 and 2012. Although 35% is still pretty high. Continue reading

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Sustainable Acoustic and Soundproofing Products

Soundproofing, like other building projects, can be approached with sustainability in mind. A range of sustainable acoustic products are available using recycled and eco-friendly materials. Continue reading

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America Recycles Day November 15th

America Recycles Day is this Wednesday, the 15th November. They are inviting you to help beat their 2011 record of 2000 events around the country. If you can’t organize an event, you can still help by bringing some recycling to an event near you. Continue reading

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Stunning Green Wall Pictures

This gallery contains 10 photos.

Reductions in green space in cities aren’t good for the environment, for the air we breath or for our quality of life. Green walls are one way that plant life is being brought back into the city. They are also a means of regulating building temperature and can be a stunning design choice. Continue reading

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