Ava Anderson – A Quest For Non Toxic Cosmetics

At the age of 14, Ava Anderson began to be interested in cosmetics. When thinking about the products available, she wanted to know what was in them. What made them work? Was there a danger they could harm her? What she found disturbed her and led to the formation of Ava Anderson Non Toxic. A brand with a passion. To provide the world with eco-cosmetic and personal care products that do not contain toxic chemicals. Continue reading

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Reusable Bag Store: Green Lunches and Kitchens

ReusableBagStore.com started with a vision to help people use fewer and fewer plastic bags. They have expanded into lunchboxes, water bottles and even eco-friendly utensils. We spoke to company founder Shabbir Nooruddin to find out more. Continue reading

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5 Constructive Uses for Shredded Tires

Old tires have the potential to be an environmental hazard. One solution is to shred the tires and then use them for some constructive purpose. Here are 5 uses for shredded tires, turning what would have been damaging waste to valuable use. Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy, Surprise Endorsements and the Election

Yesterday we mentioned that hurricane Sandy was going to bring the climate change debate further forward and impact the presidential election. Before the sun had set, New York City Mayor and former Republican Michael Bloomberg was endorsing Barrack Obama. Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy and the Climate Change Debate

Hurricane Sandy has left a path of wreckage across the Eastern United States. The storm has claimed at least 150 lives and among other effects are hundreds of thousands without power and serious damage and debris from flood waters and fallen trees. The question being asked, as the cleanup begins for many, is whether Sandy is related to climate change? Continue reading

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100 Global Sustainability Leaders 2012

October 2012 saw the release of 100 Global Sustainability Leaders 2012 by ABC Carbon. The list includes Nobel prize winners, scientists, journalists, designers and the CSOs and CEOs of international companies. Here are a few that stood out. Continue reading

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Alternative Charity Donations – Recyclables

There are many ways to recycle and reuse including donating your unwanted things to charity. Mobile phones, toner and ink cartridges are among the things which charities can turn into hard cash. Continue reading

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Record Home Solar Installations in California

California is seeing a boom in domestic solar installations. Q3 2012 was California’s most successful quarter ever for home solar, buoyed by falling prices and finance schemes which require little or no up-front payment. Continue reading

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Save Money with Energy Efficient Windows

If your home heating and electricity bills seem to be inexplicably rising, it may be time for window replacements. Energy efficient windows will help you to stop leaking both heat and money. Continue reading

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5 Things Everyone Should Know About Organic Food Products

Food packaging and marketing bombards us with claims such as “organic”, “natural”, “free-range”, “hormone free” and the promise of a greener and healthier lifestyle. But what do these claims actually mean? Continue reading

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a Bamboo Project Seeks Crowdfunding

Over 1.5 billion people use bamboo worldwide and the market for bamboo is worth $5 billion a year. The US is the largest importer of bamboo, so could growing more bamboo in the US result in cheaper, greener product in our stores? “a Bamboo Project” is seeking crowdfunding to help prove just that. Continue reading

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Philips LED Lighting Sales up 51%

Philips 3rd Quarter financials show fantastic growth in their LED lighting sales. Sales of energy efficient LED lighting grew by 51% over Q3 2011. LED lighting now accounts for 24% of lighting sales and CEO Frans van Houten states Philips now need to ” … accelerate the rationalization of our conventional lighting industrial footprint”. Continue reading

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Recycling to Keep Paper out of America’s Landfills

Paper is highly compostable. It is also one of the easiest materials to recover for reutilization. So, why is there so much paper waste in American landfills? Why is paper 40% of our landfills and the largest category of solid waste? Continue reading

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Recycling Computer Hardware

While some types of product do not lend themselves particularly well to the recycling process, present-day computers offer extremely good potential for responsible disposal. Despite this, there are certain chemicals found in most computers that must be disposed of carefully and with expertise. Continue reading

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Growth Opportunities in Green Roofs and Walls

Air pollution and the so-called heat-island effect has been an increasing problem for big cities over the past fifty years. One cause has been significant loss of vegetation in parks and other green spaces. Many cities are now offering incentives for the creation of building-integrated vegetation, mainly green roofs. Continue reading

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Be an Eco Early Adopter

We were inspired to tweet a CleanTechnia post this week reporting research telling us that if our neighbors are using solar then we are more likely to. It is so much easier for me to understand that solar is a real option if I can talk to my neighbor who has it installed. Perhaps there are other areas we can be eco early adopters. Continue reading

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The World’s First Green Investment Bank

The UK is to set up the world’s first Green Investment Bank. The plan is the responsibility of the Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable MP, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and has been in development since 2010. Continue reading

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2 Eco-Friendly Techniques to Eradicate Rats and Mice

Because of the dangers of rodenticides to health and also since these substances are very toxic, it’s imperative to follow EPA guidelines in order to safeguard yourself, your family and pets, as well as the environment. But apart from using rodenticides, you can also focus on eco-friendly techniques to get rid of nasty rats and mice. Here are 2 options you should definitely consider. Continue reading

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2nd Presidential Debate and Still No Mention of Climate Change

Climate change remained unmentioned by either candidate in last night’s 2nd presidential debate. In a debate which was contentious in atmosphere there were some timely reminders of the complex relationships between US energy policy, US foreign policy and global economics. Continue reading

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What to Look for in an Eco-Friendly Mattress

Purchasing an eco-friendly mattress is not just about looking for tags that say it’s eco-friendly or all-natural. It’s about asking for more information – how was it made? What are the materials used? Some 100% organic or natural products might not be as green as you would like. Continue reading

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