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Cities Built to Thrive [infographic]

As city budgets tighten across America, it is critical for us to adopt greener, more cost-efficient ways to operate where we live. In addition to the expense of having cars on the road, excessive traffic contributes to pollution and congestion. Cities with a green agenda need to construct more bike lanes that provide commuters with options for traveling. Cities should also encourage the use of public transportation. By improving these systems, a stronger infrastructure is constructed. Buses and subway systems can all be converted to use sustainable sources of energy so that they can become more cost-efficient.

Cities across America also need to emphasize the green practice of rejuvenating buildings rather than tearing them down. Stalled construction projects and senseless demolition leads to abandoned lots that could be easily converted into spaces for urban gardens. Practicing this kind of renovation adds to the beauty of the landscape and the resources of local communities.

Waste should also be closely monitored. Countless amounts of energy are expended each year recycling building material and discarded food. Encouraging programs that reuse and distribute viable goods before they head to the recycling centers or the landfills would save precious resources.

Source: Online Sociology Programs

10 green ways to improve our cities

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