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Herbs Can Be Excellent Mosquito Repellents

One way of repelling mosquitoes is by planting herbs that can keep them at bay. This method is affordable and very accessible. Of course, these herbs can often be used for other purposes such as cooking. All you need to do is have them planted around your garden and surrounding your house to ensure that mosquitoes stay away.

Herbs in Garden

Herbs You Can Plant In Your Garden And Indoor Pots


Marigolds are beautiful and can provide color to a dull garden. Marigolds have a peculiar smell that keeps pests at bay. Not only can they be planted in gardens, but they can also be planted in pots to place in corners and even in patios to make your summer colorful.


One of the most useful herbs available to us is catnip. They can be planted around your patio or by the pool area to keep mosquitoes and other annoying bugs away as this herb is considered to be the most effective pest repellent.


Obtaining and growing this plant is very cheap and easy. They are great pot plants to accent patios and even corners, but the best part about this plant is that it can be used for flavoring and for teas. Their extract can be used for medicinal and beauty purposes as well.


This plant is simply beautiful and their herbal scent is just divine. Not only are they great in warding off mosquitoes, but they can also make pasta dishes, soup, sandwiches and salads taste heavenly. They come in different colors and types making them wonderful garden plants, but they can also be planted in pots and placed by kitchen windows. You can also use this herb as a table center piece to entice people to eat more. When you need a few leaves while cooking, you can always conveniently pluck from your indoor pots as well.


Repelling mosquitoes may be the last thing you think of with this herb. Rosemary is used in various dishes that involve pork and even fish. However, they are effective mosquito repellents and are beautiful garden plants that can be trimmed into little decorative bushes. If your kitchen window does not have a screen, you can have a bit of Rosemary planted in a pot and placed inside the kitchen.


This herb has become a very popular plant when it comes down to repelling mosquitoes. Its extract has been used in candles, lotions, creams, sprays, soap and repellent plasters. They also offer a distinct citrus scent which mosquitoes and other pests hate. Considering how popular citronella extract is these days, planting some citronella plants in your garden or near the patio can help keep mosquitoes away.

Do not be afraid to have fun with your plants because they can be placed in planters, baskets and even hanging pots. You can combine them along with other plants as a decorative bunch as well for decorative purposes.

Valerie Oliver is a freelance writer specializing in natural pest control methods. She regularly contributes articles to where reliable and well experienced professionals can be consulted.

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