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Green Building Basics [VIDEO]

What constitutes a Green building anyway? What makes it different from conventional construction? These are basic questions but they are issues you’ll want to address if you are thinking about building or making changes to your home and you’d like to do it more sustainably. We wanted to share this quick video introduction to Green Building Basics from

The video above is from via YouTube.


They define Green Building as:

“The design and construction of a building that does the least amount of damage to our planet.”

The video outlines 3 aspects of eco-friendly building:

  • Health
  • Energy Consumption
  • Environmental Impact

They then look at examples of what this means in practice and what differentiates traditional building from green building.


Where traditional building uses harmful chemicals or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), eco-friendly builders use no VOC paints and wood products without formaldehyde.

Energy Consumption:

Traditional building relies on non-renewable energy like coal and oil. Eco-friendly buildings rely on renewable sources like solar thermal, solar electric (PV solar) and geothermal energy from under ground.

Environmental Impact

Careful use of materials and technology can minimise environmental impact of the building. Examples include FSC certified wood, low-flow faucets and rapidly renewable materials like bamboo.


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