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Green Business Challenge for Montgomery County, Ohio

Dayton Regional Green 3 (DRG3) and its partners are launching the Green500 Challenge, a plan to engage 500 local businesses and organizations in the DRG3 Green Business Certification Program.

The Dayton Regional Green 3 is a  task force created in 2007 in response to a forum of local citizens, government and business leaders convened by Montgomery County Commissioners to identify strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Montgomery County and the region.

The program is voluntary and designed to help businesses to reduce their ecological footprint, reduce their energy and resource use, and save money. It focuses on making small changes to everyday routines and effective strategies to save on commercial energy and resources. Incentives include the potential to save participating businesses thousands of dollars a year.

“Saving you money while saving the environment”

For for details about the Green Business Certification Program, DRG3Ohio has produced this video:

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