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Green Business Roundup – December 14th 2011

The Reasons Americans Aren’t Buying Climate Change

Grist has a great post covering the fact that Americans are losing belief in global warming and losing belief that humans are the cause.  In 2008, 71% of those polled believed global warming was happening and 57% believed that humans were causing it.  Two years on and only 57% believed that global warming is happening and 47% believed we are responsible.   The post goes on to explore some of the psychology behind why we find it hard to accept the enormity of what the science is telling us and how people fail to accept and be motivated by the threat of climate change.
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Could the Sahara Desert Sun Power the World?

“In 1986, in direct response to the Chernobyl nuclear accident, he [German Physicist, Gerhard Knies] scribbled down some figures and arrived at the following remarkable conclusion: in just six hours, the world’s deserts receive more energy from the sun than humans consume in a year. If even a tiny fraction of this energy could be harnessed – an area of Saharan desert the size of Wales could, in theory, power the whole of Europe “

Could the remarkable energy of the sun in the Sahara serve all our energy supply needs?  That’s the question asked by the Guardian in this well written piece full of history.
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Roof of Apple’s New HQ May be One of the Largest Solar Installations in the US

Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino California looks like being one of the largest solar installs in the US.  Plans show 500,000 sq feet given over to solar, giving what Treehugger estimates to be a 5MW installation from the main building alone.  This is accompanied by additional solar panels on the separate parking structure, a 90% asphalt reduction and a 60% increase in trees.
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Solar Power is Cheaper Than We Are Being Told

Solar power has come down in price much more than common comparison models give it credit for.  A recent study by Queen’s University of Canada indicates that solar has reached Grid parity in some locations and points out difficulties with comparisons that overstate the cost of solar while understating the cost of traditional power sources.
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The Fall Out From an Underwhelming Agreement in Durban

We don’t have our heads buried in the sand!  COP 17  in Durban and its agreement have created a storm of news and analysis.  So much that we will look at the fall out from Durban in a separate post.

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