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IKEA to Sell Only LED Lights by 2016

Bloomberg tell us today that the Swedish giant, IKEA has committed to selling only LED powered lights by 2016. Incandescent bulbs are now banned in both the US and Europe and IKEA is choosing the LED as the most efficient and longest lasting of the alternatives which have been competing to be the next in line to the throne.

IKEA Lightsjemsweb / CC BY-SA 2.0

According to IKEA Chief Sustainability Officer, Steve Howard, replacing the world’s 12 billion traditional light bulbs with LEDs would be be a massive cut in emissions.

He also said:

“The reason why we’re going 100 percent behind LEDs is because we can see the technology is already there. It’s not just about energy-efficiency; it’s the whole functionality from color temperature through to strength and durability.”

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