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NovaLED Cleantech Company of the Year for OLED Technology

It is proving to be a very good week for LEDs. IKEA has just announced that it is committed to using and stocking only LED lights by 2016 and CleanTech has awarded NovaLED ‘Company of the Year’ in the Europe and Israel region.

NovaLED OLEDsImage Source: NovaLED

‘Company of the Year’ goes to the highest ranked in the Global Cleantech 100 list which has just been announced for 2012. The winner must also have received no negative votes from the expert panel.

NovaLED works with OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes), semi-conductors made of layers of thin organic materials only a few nanometers thick. OLEDS emit diffuse light creating an area of light ‘fulfilling the dream of paper-thin, highly efficient displays with brilliant colors and amazing design flexibility.’

OLED technology is used for flat panel displays and light generating devices, such as signage, architecture lighting, automotive controls and instruments, digital photography and digital imaging, medical equipment,mobile communications, PCs, notebooks.

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