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Record Home Solar Installations in California

California, particularly Southern California, is seeing a boom in home solar installations.  Installation prices have been falling and finance schemes which require little or no up-front payment are available, resulting in buoyant sales and growth.

Solar HomeMike Spasoff / CC BY 2.0

PVSolarReport has just released its most up to date research on the California home solar market.  It tells us that in Q3 2012 alone, almost 11,000 home owners in California have signed up to over 66MW in home solar installations.  Nearly 8,000 homes completed installations.  These figures represent California’s most successful ever quarter for solar installations.

“I think these results are an indication of what the future holds for solar energy in California, and what solar energy can mean to the US economy.  Lower installation prices, financing options that allow homeowners to go solar with little or no money down, and an innovative and motivated solar workforce have all contributed to California leading the way to a cleaner energy future.” –  Stephen Torres, Founder and Managing Director of PVSolarReport.

Great news for the Californian Solar Power industry, Californian home owners and renewable energy advocates. Surely the key here must be the combination of price and finance allowing an emerging technology to thrive?  There must be lessons for Federal and State governments and the renewable industry in general.

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