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skinnyskinny – A Natural Approach to Eco-friendly Personal Care

skinnyskinny is a New York based business which makes organic, eco-friendly beauty and personal care products.  The company was formed with the strong belief that “organic and ecofriendly bath and body products should work as well (if not better) than conventional products.” Clara Williams tells us that the real beginnings of the skinnyskinny brand grew from something much more personal.

Clara Williams founder and owner of skinnyskinnyClara Williams

Clara’s mother had a favorite soap which she could no longer find. She missed it, so Clara decided to learn how to make it for her.

“I fell in love with the whole process of combining chemistry with craft….equal parts science and art.”

Making soaps and other skin products became a hobby. There was a family history of psoriasis, making finding good quality soaps and skin care products an issue. This and very good feedback from family and friends slowly turned hobby into business. Clara began to sell her products to a couple of local stores. It went well and her business began to grow.

Where did the organic and eco-friendly approach originate from? – “I grew up on a farm, attuned to nature and very interested in health.” Organic, healthy ingredients that are proven to do no harm along with an eco-friendly approach to business just “seemed to be obvious”.

skinnyskinny-organic-body-scrubsskinnyskinny puts a lot of research into all ingredients. They make use of traditional oils and herbs and put all their products through rigorous testing. “Old wives tales balanced with science”, Clara calls it. They avoid any ingredient that is even rumored to have negative effects.

It is a company that seems to have a genuinely committed atmosphere. Staff are encouraged to put forward their ideas for new products based on real identifiable needs. “Why would you have a passion for a product which you don’t use yourself?” Clara asks. It is an attitude which clearly fosters a team approach.

skinnyskinny’s founder and owner through its first seven years, Clara Williams, cites cash-flow as the biggest challenge facing a young company trying to grow and develop new product ranges. There is a lot of good competition out there she says but she is optimistic about 2013 and beyond. They are launching new products and have plans for their first shampoo and conditioner. Their five New Year’s resolutions say it all about the atmosphere and quality they want for their customer:

skinnyskinny sweet basil and lemon soy candle

  • Spend more time relaxing
  • Have softer skin
  • Surround myself with beauty
  • Treat myself well
  • Share the happiness

The name? It comes from skin and NY. was taken. So it became. You can find out more about skinnyskinny products and contact the company here.

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