Algae Biofuel Becomes Available to San Franciscans

Biodiesel B20, an algae based biofuel, has been available in the San Francisco area on a trial basis since last November. This represented the world’s first opportunity for private consumers to use this biodiesel in their vehicles. B20 contains 20% algae and manufacturers say that this can be increased successfully. Continue reading

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Audi ‘Wonder Fuel’ the New Green Diesel?

Audi and Joule, a US-based technology firm, are behind e-ethanol being hailed as the ‘wonder fuel’ which may replace ‘clean diesel’. This without needing to modify the existing Audi TDI clean diesel system. Continue reading

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Green Business Roundup – April 26th 2012

The UK looks to the challenge of making renewable energy financially viable while Wells Fargo are set to inject investment into the green economy. Wales has problems with a skills shortage which is holding back progress. Japan continues to invest to reduce their dependence on nuclear and a spat between Whole Foods and New England fishermen illustrates tensions that must be resolved if we are to achieve real, grass-roots progress. Continue reading

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Green Business Roundup – January 12th 2012

North America’s largest wind farm fast tracked in Wyoming. EPA creates interactive map of large greenhouse emitters. German airline Lufthansa to fly trans-atlantic on Biofuel. These stories and more in today’s Green Business Roundup. Continue reading

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