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President Obama Throws Down The Gauntlet on Climate Change

“We can choose to believe that Superstorm Sandy, and the most severe drought in decades, and the worst wildfires some states have ever seen were all just a freak coincidence. Or we can choose to believe in the overwhelming judgment of science……if Congress won’t act soon to protect future generations, I will.” Continue reading

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What Will the President Say on Climate Change? State of the Union Today

“I’m going to be talking about making sure that we’re focused on job creation here in the United States of America,” – President Obama told House Democrats last week. Where will clean energy and climate change figure in today’s State of the Union? Continue reading

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Climate Change – Erring on the Side of Least Drama

A study published by Global Environmental Change points out that the tendency of climate scientists to ‘err on the side of least drama’ has led to underestimations of the damage caused by global warming. Continue reading

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Climate Change and Obama’s 2nd Inaugural Address

Many have been surprised by the prominence given to climate change in President Obama’s 2nd Inaugural Address. We look at what he said and ask if the words will be followed by meaningful action? Continue reading

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Dear New Year, Here are Five Climatic and Environmental Wishes For 2013

Guest author, Scott Ryan, sends us his five climatic and environmental New Year wishes for 2013 in the form of a letter. Continue reading

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Why is Green Investment Critical to the Future of the Earth?

Green construction company, Vector Foiltec, argues that investment in green technologies, products and solutions is an urgent issue for commercial investors. We cannot wait for governments. Even when the will is there, the process is too slow. Continue reading

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CNN Thinks Climate Denial Deserves Equal Time With Science

Tuesday night saw a “debate” on CNN between Bill Nye and Marc Morano. Are media outlets like CNN wrong to continue to give equal weight to scientists and the deniers of science? Continue reading

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We Can Reduce CO2 Emissions IF We Want To

Global warming and CO2 emissions may be worse than we thought. But there are things we can do if we really want to. The Boston Consulting Group has revealed at Doha that Information Technology could cut world emissions by 16.5% by 2020. Continue reading

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How Eco-Friendly Was Your Thanksgiving?

By way of wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving we thought we’d look around the web for the best suggestions on making your Thanksgiving more eco-friendly. Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy, Surprise Endorsements and the Election

Yesterday we mentioned that hurricane Sandy was going to bring the climate change debate further forward and impact the presidential election. Before the sun had set, New York City Mayor and former Republican Michael Bloomberg was endorsing Barrack Obama. Continue reading

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2nd Presidential Debate and Still No Mention of Climate Change

Climate change remained unmentioned by either candidate in last night’s 2nd presidential debate. In a debate which was contentious in atmosphere there were some timely reminders of the complex relationships between US energy policy, US foreign policy and global economics. Continue reading

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Climate Change, Clean Energy and the Presidential Debate

If you are looking to find out how climate change, clean energy and environmental policy featured in the first Presidential debate between Obama and Romney, here are some excellent sources for further reading. Oh! Climate Change wasn’t mentioned! There is still time of course. Continue reading

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Don’t Wait Til the River Catches Fire.

On the 25th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol, the clean up of America’s waterways finds its way into Bloomberg’s list of top environmental success stories. It took more than 10 serious fires on the Cuyahoga river to shake the politicians into action. Then came the Clean Water Act and now the river looks as you see it here. Why, though, do we wait until a river catches fire? Continue reading

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The Montreal Protocol, 25 Years On

The Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer opened for signing on September 16th, 1987. 25 years on, it is considered one of the most successful international agreements. To celebrate, Bloomberg, gives us a list of other environmental success stories. Continue reading

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Green Business Roundup – September 19th 2012

Japan backs down on its commitment to be nuclear free by 2040. What is the real social cost of carbon? Energy use vs. energy efficiency and the role of service contracts in the solar power industry. Continue reading

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Green Business Roundup – August 28th 2012

Jamba Juice responds to the pleas of a 10-year-old and agrees to phase out polystyrene cups. The green debate hots up between the US election candidates and companies like FedEx show that who wins the election may have little to do with how customers and corporates decide to behave. Continue reading

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Green Business Roundup – April 5th 2012

As businesses count the cost of weird weather, scientists continue to try to make sense of it all. Japan changes the rules in favor of geothermal energy and a 2 year tuna fishing ban is partially lifted. High gasoline prices are proving a silver lining for sales of electric cars. Continue reading

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Green Business Roundup – January 16th 2012

IBM Working on EV Battery With 500 Mile Range Nicholas Brown reports on Cleantechnica that IBM have invented a new battery. The Lithium-air battery technology can create more energy from less mass. It’s lighter basically. These batteries could potentially give … Continue reading

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Marketing Green Business as Belief in Climate Change Falls

We’ve come across a couple of articles recently highlighting the fact that less of the public believe in man made Global warming than did a couple of years ago. We’ve seen this in both the USA and the UK and green business is coming under pressure from both sides. In difficult economic times, governments are reconsidering subsidy levels and consumers are less willing to pay over the odds for the sake of being green. We explore the changing marketing environment facing green business. Continue reading

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Agreement on Climate Change Goes Down to the Wire in Durban

It took two extra days and some desperate last minute efforts by exhausted delegates, but agreement was reached in Durban. We look at what is being said about the agreement. While there is a general welcome and important steps have been taken there are very serious warnings that the delay to 2020 could be a catastrophic mistake. Continue reading

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