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Climate Change – Erring on the Side of Least Drama

A study published by Global Environmental Change points out that the tendency of climate scientists to ‘err on the side of least drama’ has led to underestimations of the damage caused by global warming. Continue reading

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Climate Change and Obama’s 2nd Inaugural Address

Many have been surprised by the prominence given to climate change in President Obama’s 2nd Inaugural Address. We look at what he said and ask if the words will be followed by meaningful action? Continue reading

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CNN Thinks Climate Denial Deserves Equal Time With Science

Tuesday night saw a “debate” on CNN between Bill Nye and Marc Morano. Are media outlets like CNN wrong to continue to give equal weight to scientists and the deniers of science? Continue reading

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Marketing Green Business as Belief in Climate Change Falls

We’ve come across a couple of articles recently highlighting the fact that less of the public believe in man made Global warming than did a couple of years ago. We’ve seen this in both the USA and the UK and green business is coming under pressure from both sides. In difficult economic times, governments are reconsidering subsidy levels and consumers are less willing to pay over the odds for the sake of being green. We explore the changing marketing environment facing green business. Continue reading

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