How Eco-Friendly Was Your Thanksgiving?

By way of wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving we thought we’d look around the web for the best suggestions on making your Thanksgiving more eco-friendly. Continue reading

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Be an Eco Early Adopter

We were inspired to tweet a CleanTechnia post this week reporting research telling us that if our neighbors are using solar then we are more likely to. It is so much easier for me to understand that solar is a real option if I can talk to my neighbor who has it installed. Perhaps there are other areas we can be eco early adopters. Continue reading

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Federal Trade Commission Issues New Green Guides

Yesterday, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued its latest green guides, designed to ensure that the environmental claims made by marketers are truthful and non-deceptive. This is important for consumers who want to be able to trust the eco claims made for the products they buy. Continue reading

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