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7 Hazardous Household Materials

In the effort to keep our homes as clean, safe and environmentally friendly as possible, reducing our use of hazardous materials will be high on the list of priorities. It is important to know about the potential dangers of the products we habitually use and become more aware of the available alternatives. Continue reading

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The Eco-Friendly Bathroom: Modern & Green

With some innovation, any room in your home can be greener. Guest author, Chuck Stevens, explores interesting ways to swap out fixtures and other bathroom accessories in order to save money, increase the worth of the home, and preserve valuable resources. Continue reading

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5 Individuals Inspiring Change in Green Business 2012:

As part of our roundup of 2012 we have chosen 5 posts promoting green businesses which are run by inspiring individuals with a vision for change. Continue reading

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Biopesticides Improve Performance and Safety

Innovative growers are adopting biopesticides, seeing a return on investment and achieving improved performance and safety. Performance which can match chemical pesticides and low environmental impact are among the many reasons demand for biopesticides is growing worldwide. Continue reading

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Eco-Friendly Gifts for Black Friday

One way to lessen the environmental impact of your shopping on Black Friday is to look for more eco-friendly gifts. Here are some ideas and some pretty cool pictures of very attractive and eco-friendly gift ideas. Continue reading

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Ava Anderson – A Quest For Non Toxic Cosmetics

At the age of 14, Ava Anderson began to be interested in cosmetics. When thinking about the products available, she wanted to know what was in them. What made them work? Was there a danger they could harm her? What she found disturbed her and led to the formation of Ava Anderson Non Toxic. A brand with a passion. To provide the world with eco-cosmetic and personal care products that do not contain toxic chemicals. Continue reading

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Reusable Bag Store: Green Lunches and Kitchens started with a vision to help people use fewer and fewer plastic bags. They have expanded into lunchboxes, water bottles and even eco-friendly utensils. We spoke to company founder Shabbir Nooruddin to find out more. Continue reading

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a Bamboo Project Seeks Crowdfunding

Over 1.5 billion people use bamboo worldwide and the market for bamboo is worth $5 billion a year. The US is the largest importer of bamboo, so could growing more bamboo in the US result in cheaper, greener product in our stores? “a Bamboo Project” is seeking crowdfunding to help prove just that. Continue reading

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2 Eco-Friendly Techniques to Eradicate Rats and Mice

Because of the dangers of rodenticides to health and also since these substances are very toxic, it’s imperative to follow EPA guidelines in order to safeguard yourself, your family and pets, as well as the environment. But apart from using rodenticides, you can also focus on eco-friendly techniques to get rid of nasty rats and mice. Here are 2 options you should definitely consider. Continue reading

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What to Look for in an Eco-Friendly Mattress

Purchasing an eco-friendly mattress is not just about looking for tags that say it’s eco-friendly or all-natural. It’s about asking for more information – how was it made? What are the materials used? Some 100% organic or natural products might not be as green as you would like. Continue reading

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