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Green Business Challenge for Montgomery County, Ohio

Montgomery County is launching its Green500 Challenge, a plan to engage 500 local businesses and organizations in the DRG3 Green Business Certification Program and help them to reduce their ecological footprint, reduce their energy and resource use, and save money. Continue reading

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Top 10 Green Business Watch Posts in 2012

Out of the hundreds of posts published on Green Business Watch during 2012 we have chosen 10. From tax incentives to movies about fracking, from rivers catching fire to recycling plastics, our top 10 covers our most popular green business topics. Continue reading

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Reusable Bag Store: Green Lunches and Kitchens started with a vision to help people use fewer and fewer plastic bags. They have expanded into lunchboxes, water bottles and even eco-friendly utensils. We spoke to company founder Shabbir Nooruddin to find out more. Continue reading

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The World’s First Green Investment Bank

The UK is to set up the world’s first Green Investment Bank. The plan is the responsibility of the Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable MP, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and has been in development since 2010. Continue reading

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Green Business Roundup – August 28th 2012

Jamba Juice responds to the pleas of a 10-year-old and agrees to phase out polystyrene cups. The green debate hots up between the US election candidates and companies like FedEx show that who wins the election may have little to do with how customers and corporates decide to behave. Continue reading

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Wells Fargo Pledges $30+ Billion in Environmental Investments by 2020

Wells Fargo announce significant increases in their commitment to a ‘greener economy’. A month after publishing their Environmental Finance Report for 2011, they have released news that they plan to invest over $30 billion in green business between now and 2020. Continue reading

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Marketing Green Business as Belief in Climate Change Falls

We’ve come across a couple of articles recently highlighting the fact that less of the public believe in man made Global warming than did a couple of years ago. We’ve seen this in both the USA and the UK and green business is coming under pressure from both sides. In difficult economic times, governments are reconsidering subsidy levels and consumers are less willing to pay over the odds for the sake of being green. We explore the changing marketing environment facing green business. Continue reading

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Green Success Stories – A Little Can Go a Long Way

Mountain Whitewater Descents from Fort Collins, Colorado, is one of many small companies making decisions about their business for Green motives. Looking for improvements which have environmental benefits, cost benefits and improve the moral of staff and customers. These are the types of win-win decision which, decision by decision, company by company can grow to make real and lasting differences. Continue reading

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World’s Richest Governments Delay Action on Climate Change so Where to Now?

Signs are that the World’s richest nations plan to delay negotiating and signing a new climate change treaty until 2220. With economic pressures and business lobbying, it seems clear that governments are not capable of sacrifice for the goal of saving the environment. Can Green business present a real economic case? Continue reading

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