US Home Energy Use [infographic]

Our home energy use presents a cost in both cash and environmental terms and accounts for a massive 22% of total energy used in the United States. Want to know where we use most of the energy in our homes? How much it costs? Have a look at this great infographic. Continue reading

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What to Look for in an Eco-Friendly Mattress

Purchasing an eco-friendly mattress is not just about looking for tags that say it’s eco-friendly or all-natural. It’s about asking for more information – how was it made? What are the materials used? Some 100% organic or natural products might not be as green as you would like. Continue reading

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How To Save Energy In The Home

Saving energy and cutting down on carbon emissions helps preserve the environment for future generations, but if that isn’t enough to motivate you, it also saves you money. A few simple measures can have a significant impact on your energy bills. Continue reading

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PV Solar Power for the Home – How it Works

Falling costs, market shake-ups and technological advancements make PV solar energy a hot topic here at Green Business Watch. Since, we are constantly talking about solar power, we thought it might be useful to take a quick look at how PV solar power for the home works. Here are a couple of videos that give a nice introduction to the technology and the home setup. Continue reading

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