Top 10 Green Business Watch Posts in 2012

Out of the hundreds of posts published on Green Business Watch during 2012 we have chosen 10. From tax incentives to movies about fracking, from rivers catching fire to recycling plastics, our top 10 covers our most popular green business topics. Continue reading

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The Latest on Eco Cars – Hybrids and Electric

In the past month, there has been positive news and some more negative in the eco car market. Sales and manufacturer confidence seem to remain strong for hybrids while some are declaring the death of the electric car. Reports of the demise of electric cars may be exaggerated however. Continue reading

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Gas Prices and Incentives Boost EV Sales in California

The NY Times reports from California where gasoline prices have been hitting the $5 per gallon mark. This has been affecting sales and interest in hybrids and electric vehicles. Dealers agree that gas prices are an important part of the story but also point to manufacturer incentives. Continue reading

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EV and Hybrid Combined, Meet the hyMod

Romanian team, Dan Scarlat, Marian Cilibeanu and Cristian Ionescu has designed a new concept in electric and hybrid vehicles. The SCIhyMod proposes a modular solution allowing the car to be a pure EV for shorter urban travel and to convert to a hybrid using an internal combustion module. Continue reading

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Tough Times for Electric Vehicle Sales

Toyota’s plans to sell thousands of electric only vehicles have been reduced to hundreds this year with executives admitting to have misread the market. Confidence in the hybrid market is still high. Continue reading

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