Senator Byron Dorgan at SXSW: Is the US Missing Out on Economic Opportunities in Clean Energy?

Senator Byron Dorgan, senior policy advisor at Arent Fox LLP, gave a keynote address at the South by Southwest ECO conference in Austin Texas last week. In it he suggests that the US has been missing out on many of the economic opportunities offered by clean energy technologies. Continue reading

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Green Business Roundup – September 19th 2012

Japan backs down on its commitment to be nuclear free by 2040. What is the real social cost of carbon? Energy use vs. energy efficiency and the role of service contracts in the solar power industry. Continue reading

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Green Business Roundup – August 17th 2012

It’s official, Oil and Gas is the least popular industry in the US. Below even bankers and lawyers. Meanwhile US dependence on Saudi oil is worryingly back on the rise. In Japan, government incentives lead to $680 million solar investment from finance company Orix Corp. Continue reading

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Green Business Roundup – June 22nd 2012

Most Americans Don’t Know What Fracking Is? The process of hydraulic fracturing has been big news in the environmental and energy spheres over recent months. A controversial topic that makes the news almost daily, fracking is already changing the global … Continue reading

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Green Business Roundup – April 5th 2012

As businesses count the cost of weird weather, scientists continue to try to make sense of it all. Japan changes the rules in favor of geothermal energy and a 2 year tuna fishing ban is partially lifted. High gasoline prices are proving a silver lining for sales of electric cars. Continue reading

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Will the Lights Stay on in the UK, France, Japan and Mexico?

Will the lights stay on in your country over the next 20 years? That’s the alarming question addressed in recent research by Bloomberg and ABB. The answers are no less alarming and force us to consider whether there is a serious prospect of energy supply not matching demand. Continue reading

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