Recycled and Recyclable Toner Cartridges

It is an easy decision to move to recycled and recyclable toner cartridges. With no loss of quality or increase in price you can help to keep old cartridges out of landfill, reduce waste and reduce pollution. Continue reading

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Relan – Recycling and Repurposing Billboard Vinyl

Relan provides organizations with the opportunity to turn their discarded billboard vinyl into unique, branded products which can be used for promotion. We spoke to owner and CEO, Della Simpson, to find out more about the company’s aims and ambitions. Continue reading

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Recycling to Keep Paper out of America’s Landfills

Paper is highly compostable. It is also one of the easiest materials to recover for reutilization. So, why is there so much paper waste in American landfills? Why is paper 40% of our landfills and the largest category of solid waste? Continue reading

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