Plastic Bags – How Convenience is Killing Our Planet [infographic]

We pay a high price for convenience. In the case of plastic bags the cost to the planet is much too high as this infographic makes clear. The solutions are pretty clear too and a tax like the one which works so well in Ireland is one of them. Continue reading

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7 Hazardous Household Materials

In the effort to keep our homes as clean, safe and environmentally friendly as possible, reducing our use of hazardous materials will be high on the list of priorities. It is important to know about the potential dangers of the products we habitually use and become more aware of the available alternatives. Continue reading

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7 Ways To Reuse Plastic Bags

Plastic bags can be very useful but they are hard to destroy and cause pollution. Guest author, Andrew Mitchell, gives us a few ideas to help us reuse the bags we have while encouraging us to look for alternatives. Continue reading

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Auto Industry Becoming More Green?

The subject of the auto industry and the environment usually centers on fuel choice and fuel economy. However, as Ford is showing, reuse and recycling also has a role to play. Continue reading

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Recycled and Recyclable Toner Cartridges

It is an easy decision to move to recycled and recyclable toner cartridges. With no loss of quality or increase in price you can help to keep old cartridges out of landfill, reduce waste and reduce pollution. Continue reading

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Top 10 Green Business Watch Posts in 2012

Out of the hundreds of posts published on Green Business Watch during 2012 we have chosen 10. From tax incentives to movies about fracking, from rivers catching fire to recycling plastics, our top 10 covers our most popular green business topics. Continue reading

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5 Individuals Inspiring Change in Green Business 2012:

As part of our roundup of 2012 we have chosen 5 posts promoting green businesses which are run by inspiring individuals with a vision for change. Continue reading

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The Benefits of Reclaimed Timber

Today, many varieties of wood which were once abundant and freely available are in very short supply. However, reclaimed timber provides an alternative source. Continue reading

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Relan – Recycling and Repurposing Billboard Vinyl

Relan provides organizations with the opportunity to turn their discarded billboard vinyl into unique, branded products which can be used for promotion. We spoke to owner and CEO, Della Simpson, to find out more about the company’s aims and ambitions. Continue reading

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Cell Phone Recycling – You Should Do It!

Cell phone recycling is predicted to grow 19.1% by 2015 driven by high replacement rates. There is a lack of awareness of the dangers of accumulated e-waste and the industry needs us to know that it’s worthwhile recycling. Continue reading

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How Eco-Friendly Was Your Thanksgiving?

By way of wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving we thought we’d look around the web for the best suggestions on making your Thanksgiving more eco-friendly. Continue reading

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Urban Mining – a 21st Century Gold Rush!

Whether it is reclaimed building materials, plastics, upcycled furniture or e-waste, the modern world is finding value in the stuff we throw away. Waste is being turned into a resource to be managed and exploited rather than disposed of. A 21st century gold rush has begun. Continue reading

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Sustainable Acoustic and Soundproofing Products

Soundproofing, like other building projects, can be approached with sustainability in mind. A range of sustainable acoustic products are available using recycled and eco-friendly materials. Continue reading

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America Recycles Day November 15th

America Recycles Day is this Wednesday, the 15th November. They are inviting you to help beat their 2011 record of 2000 events around the country. If you can’t organize an event, you can still help by bringing some recycling to an event near you. Continue reading

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Reusable Bag Store: Green Lunches and Kitchens started with a vision to help people use fewer and fewer plastic bags. They have expanded into lunchboxes, water bottles and even eco-friendly utensils. We spoke to company founder Shabbir Nooruddin to find out more. Continue reading

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5 Constructive Uses for Shredded Tires

Old tires have the potential to be an environmental hazard. One solution is to shred the tires and then use them for some constructive purpose. Here are 5 uses for shredded tires, turning what would have been damaging waste to valuable use. Continue reading

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Alternative Charity Donations – Recyclables

There are many ways to recycle and reuse including donating your unwanted things to charity. Mobile phones, toner and ink cartridges are among the things which charities can turn into hard cash. Continue reading

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Recycling to Keep Paper out of America’s Landfills

Paper is highly compostable. It is also one of the easiest materials to recover for reutilization. So, why is there so much paper waste in American landfills? Why is paper 40% of our landfills and the largest category of solid waste? Continue reading

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Recycling Computer Hardware

While some types of product do not lend themselves particularly well to the recycling process, present-day computers offer extremely good potential for responsible disposal. Despite this, there are certain chemicals found in most computers that must be disposed of carefully and with expertise. Continue reading

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The World’s First Green Investment Bank

The UK is to set up the world’s first Green Investment Bank. The plan is the responsibility of the Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable MP, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and has been in development since 2010. Continue reading

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