Perdue University Helps Recycle Flat Screen TVs

“Over the next few years, it is expected that hundreds of millions of CCFL-backlighted LCDs will retire each year. Without proper treatment, these used LCDs could lead to serious damage to the environment.” Researchers at Perdue University are on the case. Continue reading

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Building Material Recycle and Reuse Company Wins SXSW Eco Startup Showcase

Congratulations to PLANETREUSE, a building materials reuse company, who last week won the first SXSW Eco Startup Showcase. If you are looking for reclaimed building materials or have materials to offer, Planetreuse can help you make a match. Continue reading

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Cardboard – Slightly More Interesting Than You’d Think

Cardboard is used in the transportation of 90% of products in the US, accounts for 20% of all municipal waste, and, of course, it should be recycled. But did you know it can be used to break a sky diver’s 80 mph fall or make cheap copies of vinyl records? Continue reading

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4 Ways To Make A More Eco Friendly Home

The pressure to think about our environment is growing every day but it can be difficult to ‘do our bit’ when juggling the other stuff we have to deal with. Here we look at four ways we can be more eco-friendly in the home including recycling, upcycling, use of eco products like eco-paint and grow your own. Continue reading

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The Carbon Footprint of Packaging

Americans emit about 20 tons of carbon footprint per person each year. With landfills made up of 30% paperboard and 6.4 billion cardboard boxes used for shipping in a year, the carbon footprint of packaging is a real issue. What can companies and consumers do to reduce it? Continue reading

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Great Ways To Be Green In The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the average house, and the tasks that we do in the kitchen put a lot of strain on the environment. If you want to reduce the amount of energy you use, and the amount of waste that you produce, then improving your kitchen habits is a great place to start. Continue reading

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Biodegradable Plastics Company Wins Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2012

509 entries down to 6 finalists to 1 winner: Molly Morse from biodegradable plastics company, Mango Materials, has been announced winner of the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge and with it $500,000. Tough competition with 2 runners up and 3 more than worthy finalists. Continue reading

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Garbage or Overground Mine? – We CAN recycle plastics!

Mike Biddle pleads with us to stop seeing ourselves as consumers. One of his ‘toddler rules’ says ‘if it is broken, it’s yours.’ Mike says ‘if it’s broken I’ll have it’. Let me deal with it. In showing us that the difficult job of recycling plastics can be achieved and can help us to learn to see ourselves as users of resources in one form which can be transferred into other forms when we are finished with them. Custodians of the earth’s resources rather than consumers. Continue reading

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Green Success Stories – A Little Can Go a Long Way

Mountain Whitewater Descents from Fort Collins, Colorado, is one of many small companies making decisions about their business for Green motives. Looking for improvements which have environmental benefits, cost benefits and improve the moral of staff and customers. These are the types of win-win decision which, decision by decision, company by company can grow to make real and lasting differences. Continue reading

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