5 Individuals Inspiring Change in Green Business 2012:

As part of our roundup of 2012 we have chosen 5 posts promoting green businesses which are run by inspiring individuals with a vision for change. Continue reading

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Biopesticides Improve Performance and Safety

Innovative growers are adopting biopesticides, seeing a return on investment and achieving improved performance and safety. Performance which can match chemical pesticides and low environmental impact are among the many reasons demand for biopesticides is growing worldwide. Continue reading

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Green Building Basics [VIDEO]

What constitutes a Green building anyway? What makes it different from conventional construction? These are basic questions but they are issues you’ll want to address if you are thinking about building and you’d like to do it more sustainably. Continue reading

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‘Nike’ Moment for IT Sustainable Supply Chain Managers

The IT world is now looking closely at sustainable supply chain management. 70% see business value in improving the quality of their supply chain, positively effecting the triple bottom line; people, planet and profit. Continue reading

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100 Global Sustainability Leaders 2012

October 2012 saw the release of 100 Global Sustainability Leaders 2012 by ABC Carbon. The list includes Nobel prize winners, scientists, journalists, designers and the CSOs and CEOs of international companies. Here are a few that stood out. Continue reading

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Local Renewable Energy Provides Local Sustainable Food

Congratulations to Barry Adler and RainFresh Harvests who supply local restaurants and shops in Plain City, Ohio with a range of vegetables herbs and berries throughout the year, powered, off-grid, by their own wind and solar generated electricity. Continue reading

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Performance Reviews for Walmart Buyers Will Now Include Sustainability

Walmart is about to include sustainability in its merchant performance reviews. These reviews affect the pay and promotion of Walmart buyers who decide what Walmart stocks on its shelves. It is a change which puts billions of dollars into play and could have a profound affect on retail around the world. Continue reading

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