US Presidential Election

Hurricane Sandy, Surprise Endorsements and the Election

Yesterday we mentioned that hurricane Sandy was going to bring the climate change debate further forward and impact the presidential election. Before the sun had set, New York City Mayor and former Republican Michael Bloomberg was endorsing Barrack Obama. Continue reading

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2nd Presidential Debate and Still No Mention of Climate Change

Climate change remained unmentioned by either candidate in last night’s 2nd presidential debate. In a debate which was contentious in atmosphere there were some timely reminders of the complex relationships between US energy policy, US foreign policy and global economics. Continue reading

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Climate Change, Clean Energy and the Presidential Debate

If you are looking to find out how climate change, clean energy and environmental policy featured in the first Presidential debate between Obama and Romney, here are some excellent sources for further reading. Oh! Climate Change wasn’t mentioned! There is still time of course. Continue reading

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