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The Best Green Posts This Thanksgiving

As the holiday approached, the web has been predictably awash with Thanksgiving articles from every possible angle.  Here are a few of the posts that stood out among the endless lists of tips on how to have a greener Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving TurkeyCarol Browne / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

5 “100 Mile Thanksgiving” Menus for 5 U.S. Regions

Eat fresh. Eat organic. Eat local. We seem to hear it all the time. This post from The Daily Green took a really interesting angle and produced a series of 100 mile menus for Thanksgiving. Connecting with local food and local producers is great for the environment and for your local community. The posts gives 5 example menus from within 100 miles of different locations throughout the states and then gives resources you can use to find local food.  Read the original…

Guilt-free gobble: A holiday feast the ecosystem can be thankful for

Grist take a somewhat tongue in cheek look at options for abandoning the Turkey and going for a greener feast. See what you think of the options.

This Is Your Thanksgiving on Climate Change

Mother Jones paints a disturbing picture of what will happen to the bounty associated with Thanksgiving in a world of Climate Change. Rising grain prices are increasing the price of Turkeys. Potato yields could be reduced by increased spring temperatures. Cranberry, spinach, corn and pumpkin, the climate is affecting them all.  Read the original article…

This Thanksgiving, Have a Conversation About Climate Change

I must say, in all our Thanksgiving reading this is perhaps the favorite post I came across. As families come together across the country, it’s a simple request to have a conversation about climate change. Read the original article…

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