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Department of Defence to Spend $1.8 billion on Renewables by 2025

Clean Technia and PV Magazine report on recent research from Pike Research in Colorado which considers the US Department of Defense to have the potential to be a major player in the future of US renewable energy. It predicts an expenditure $1.8 billion on clean energy by 2025. The US DoD is one fo the largest consumers of energy in the world with an annual energy budget of $20 billion.

US DoD Clean EnergyU.S. Army Materiel Command / CC BY 2.0

PV Magazine quote Pike Research Analyst Dexter Gauntlett.

“Changes in energy policy have provided countless opportunities throughout all operations of the DOD, with examples of renewable energy projects that include targets of 1 gigawatt of renewable energy installed capacity each for the Army, Navy, and Air Force by 2025, a target of 25 percent of all energy produced or procured from renewable energy sources by 2025; and development of the Navy’s Great Green Fleet Strike Group powered by biofuel, nuclear power, synthetic fuels, and hybrid propulsion systems. Most of these initiatives have gained considerable momentum and many of the targets will be achieved

PV Magazine

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