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What to Look for in an Eco-Friendly Mattress

Purchasing an eco-friendly mattress is not just about looking for tags that say it’s eco-friendly, green, organic, or all-natural. It’s also about asking for more information regarding the mattress – how it was made, what are the materials used, etc. Knowing what to look for in an “eco-friendly” mattress is important because there are those that pass off a mattress that’s only 10% greener as 100% organic or natural.

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Is it Certified?

You have to choose an eco-friendly mattress that has been certified. For example, look for a Forest Stewardship Council label on the mattress when you shop for one. This means that the wood used in the production of the mattress has been harvested responsibly and has also been replaced. Also, this label will tell you that no chemicals have been used to treat the wood.

What’s the Core of the Mattress Made of?

You also have to ask about the core of the mattress. Does it have a foam core, and if it does, is it made from latex? It it’s made from latex, then you also need to ask if it’s a synthetic latex or a natural latex. Synthetic latex comes from petrochemicals, something that you don’t want if you’re after a green mattress. Natural latex, on the other hand, comes from rubber tree sap. The tree is not harvested to make the mattress, but its sap, which is replenished, is.

Of note though; there are some eco-friendly mattress manufacturers that make use of the combination of synthetic and natural latex. This makes the core stronger, more durable, and last longer. Of course, choose those that have a higher amount of natural latex than the synthetic one.

If the core of the mattress contains polybrominated dipheyl ethers or PBDEs, don’t buy it. This compound has been associated with breast cancer.

Does it Make Use of Natural Fibers?

If you want an eco-friendly mattress, then you have to know if the fibers used are natural and organic. By natural fibers, this means that it’s making use of animal fibers such as wool as well as cashmere or maybe even horsehair or pashmina.

Parklane Eco-friendly Mattress

While natural fibers can also provide adequate comfort, you have to know that they do compact after some time. There are people who like the firmness it gives. ¬†There are also those that don’t. Also, some eco-friendly mattresses that make use of natural fibers shed, so if you’re not too keen on a mattress that sheds, then look for reviews made about the eco-friendly mattress brand first before you make any purchase.

What About Coil Mattresses?

If you want an eco-friendly coil mattress, then ask if the coils or springs used came from recycled steel. Metal can be recycled, and if you want a “green” mattress, then see to it that it makes use of recycled metal, too.

What About the Other Components?

You also need to ask if the other components of the mattress are made from recycled materials, too. These include the box springs as well as the upholstery. Ask the store, too, if the mattress covers are made from organic fabrics or from biodegradable fabrics.

Finally, you should only purchase your eco-friendly mattresses from trusted and reputable providers.

The author, Jennifer Dahlman, writes for Choosing an eco-friendly mattress is easy if you know what to look for and where to buy them.

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