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Why is Green Investment Critical to the Future of the Earth?

Climate change, damage to the global environment, or any other term you want to use, is no longer an urban myth. Some of the biggest cynics have climbed down from their collective denial and acknowledged that the planet has a problem.

Those who long ago accepted the overwhelming scientific evidence have since been practicing and promoting a variety of environmental initiatives across the world. Among the most important aspects of tackling climate change is the ability to raise investment so that research and development into various technologies can move forward at pace. We looked at some of the reasons why continued eco-investment is crucial to saving the planet.

Climate Change Conference CECAR CECAR – Climate and Ecosystems Change Adaptation R / CC BY 2.0

Governments Dither

The Government of a country will come up with an idea, or the UN will produce an outline of how to move forward, but progress is always too slow. One only has to analyse the continual failure of single governments as well as the collective to meet carbon reduction targets. That is before even mentioning where the environment stands as a priority from an investment perspective.

Many national leaders are now looking at withdrawing investment from certain green initiatives, such as wind power, and continuing to burn fossil fuels instead. Leave it down to world leaders and the planet may soon reach a ‘tipping point’ and be beyond repair.

Much to Discover

Around the world there are organisations crying out for funds to research and develop products that could change the planet forever. Critically, while much of the attention goes towards well-known projects like energy production, aspects that could prove equally vital, such as the development of truly green vehicles, products, building materials and even preventing global crop failures remain relatively neglected.

Saving the planet is about much more than changing the way energy is used and a failure to recognize this could prove disastrous.

The Future is Now

‘Preparing for the future’ has been a get-out clause used by a staggering number of business and political leaders to justify their attitudes towards environmental initiatives. The reality is that all of the things we have been discussing are taking place now. Damage to the planet is a continuous process, not something that will stop happening in 2030 regardless of how we behave today.

Green initiatives need passionate investors to stand up for the future of the planet, or the short-term outlook of Earth could be very bleak indeed, if it will even exist.

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