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52C, Elderfield Road
London, England E5 0LF
United Kingdom

Phone: 447909449251


Making a difference with GreenPomelo Real Nappies. Contact us & get free advice on using real nappies: admin@greenpomelo.com Aim & Ethos: Our aim is to promote and provide great value, great quality, green and ethical modern cloth nappies. Our current range is the One-Size pocket cloth nappies. We understands that babies come in different shape and sizes, so this One-Size solution is best fit our ethos in providing most valuable and best quality modern cloth nappies that would reduces the third largest contributors of disposable nappies to landfills sites. A single disposable nappy can take up to 500 years to bio-degrade in the tip. Our solution is a One-Size fit all modern cloth nappies. We currently have ten delicious designs and colours in stock. We are currently focusing on two main materials: the waterproof TPU and the luxury minky fabric.